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Originally Posted by Mystic
* Switching to the other renderer (If playing in Software, try OGL, or vice-versa.)
Originally Posted by Galneryusrock12
And it flashes in both as long as its fullscreen

Originally Posted by Mystic
* Changing the game's resolution. SRB2 operates in 640x400 by default, and a few computers don't seem to like that for some odd reason.
Odd reason? Honeslty I'm still surprised how they still support 640x480, 800x600 and even 1024x768, engineers want us to go as highest as possible. Also take into mind that not all monitors have good time with real 640x400 as it isn't a so standard resolution (here the screen is a bit more stretched vertically).

Try 640x480 anyways, that's the safest resolution, even if Windows is so stubborn to don't list it in the screen properties dialog (remember that Windows only displays by default three resolutions and ignores the rest).
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