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I got the 2k3 maps thanks to Mystic himself providing a download of SRB2 Tournament 2K3.

Now unfortunately, SRB2 the past has always been haunted by SRB2 vanilla's hard coded bugs. Such as the missing timer in on foot special stages.

Sadly, the way the on foot versions work is probably part of why Vanilla doesn't use them anymore. Like because of the way ring loss works in them, and hence why ring loss hazards were removed in 1.09.

Now making the echo's into log text, I'm not sure how well that would work. If I can figure out how to restrict them to just the player that triggered them, I will at least do that.

Dual Fortress' issue may be a result of how the stage was built. Despite being kept that way for accuracy, I think at this point, some "faking" may be necessary just to remove the visual bug.

I'll be getting a fix up for Multiplayer later tonight.

As for the missing midi issue I'll look into that tonight as well.
SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
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