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Originally Posted by SpiritCrusher View Post
You're contradicting yourself. First you say SRB2 should add bots, then right in the next sentence you're arguing against it. 2.1 already has one bot, the Sonic & Tails option in single player. So I'm not sure what you're asking for.
Bots in single player. For characters wads that you want to follow around or perhaps take a picture of them and transform it into a texture. Then use the texture in a level, I don't know. What if you want to just have a game with bots.

Originally Posted by Jayoshi View Post
Well, he meant that he doesn't want multiplayer bots, but just single player ones.

I never found the point to single player ones, even if they aren't harmful. In multiplayer, some people get really terrible connections and can't play in servers without each action lagging a second or two, but bots can operate on your own computer, thus killing that problem. They can be pretty competent with the player's skill, too. However, there's not really much to do with bots in single player. They just stand around and follow you.
Multiplayer bots would be nice but it lags terribly. If they were to fix the lag, then multiplayer bots would be just as good.

Originally Posted by Sky The Destroyer View Post
Don't they also go around killing nearby enemies and collecting rings? (Talking about SRB2CB bots)
Which also makes it fun to play in single player. Plus, who doesn't like a boat load of players following your every move stalking you down until you go mad?
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