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Default Super Bomberman Blast... 2! (EXE) v1.50.4

A Bomberman Mod designed for SRB2.

In-Game Screenshots:

Current Features:
-Laying Bombs: You can lay bombs like in the original bomberman games.
-Bustable blocks: Blocks can be destroyed with a bomb.
-Custom camera: Custom Top-down camera, also at a fixed point.
-Vertical movement: You can move up and down along the Y axis in 2D mode.
-Pickup bombs: You can pickup bombs, just press what you would normally press for the jump button to pickup a bomb. (This MIGHT freeze gameplay occasionally)
-Customized boss: You can find the Boss which I modified on MAP03
-Custom Powerups: Powerups effect gameplay!
-Bomberman Physics of dropping bombs (Ie. Plant a bomb ontop of you and other stuff relating to that)
-Color changing bombs (Because then it's easier to locate other people's bombs)
-A 'Firepower' console command. It should only be used for testing purposes. Only works while you're in Devmode and not in multiplayer.

-If you try to play in a 3D map (Like Meadow Match, Sapphire falls, or any other map of the kind) The camera will SOMETIMES be in a fixed area, most likey where your player spawned. To beat around this for the time being, go into the console and type in CAM_SPEED .25
-If you are in a netgame, make sure the host pauses the netgame before people join, and then let the host reload the map, or else you'll get consistency failures.

If you would like to download this, click on one of the download links below.
Mirror 1 (Link removed.)
Mirror 2


These are just credits for who helps out with the project.
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