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I keep picking good times to pop on and look up what's new. Every time I do, there's something new to see! I'm also glad to see those slopes showing up more, when used right they really do add to the feel of the game.

I like that little GFZ1 screenshot, it looks nice and wide open. Even though the current GFZ1 holds some nostalgia for me, I'm glad to see it getting a re-do. I do hope it lives up to or surpasses GFZ2, as that's still the point where (to me) the game really starts.

While there's not much to see yet in that CEZ1 screenshot, I do applaud the nice rustic/mystic/ruinlike appeal of the place and look forward to seeing what you do with it.

And that Arid Canyons zone pic...Man, ARZ is my favourite level in the game and I can't wai-...Wait a second...Those ropes are moving diagonally. :o That's super neat. My mind has just been blown by that tiny little detail, as it opens a lot of new gameplay and aesthetic possibilities. I really really like it!

Keep at it, guys and gals! :D It looks great so far, and given your track record, it'll probably be fantastic. (I AM hoping for that Deep Sea Zone remake to be part of the next version, though. That physics demo Gif from it looks really fun)
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