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@Flare957:Yes, I've hidden quite a few of them around-You'll definitely have to check those corners for them, though. There are roughly 20 of them spread throughout the zones.

Thanks for stopping in to post this, I definitely appreciate your insight on the matter. "Good" momentum-based platforming is definitely something I've found difficult to get right in this game. Knowing that you can't really launch yourself forward and upward without some slope or air current shenanigans makes it sort of difficult to come up with engaging level design, outside of that awesome rising platform glitch that recently got introduced. I'll definitely try and make a return to making winding paths that have flow like I used to enjoy doing. Blaze Canyon comes first to mind.

Considering that the next level I'm working on is Ice-based, I'm trying to come up with ways to make it challenging but fun without resorting to actively throwing the player into a pit, or having Tails/Knuckles come by and invalidate the challenge altogether by snapping the level in half...though I sort of gave up on that part a long time ago.
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