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Just popping in for a general question to any who might stumble upon this thread again.

If you haven't noticed, I've made a lot of different themes to levels, and I've always tried to mix it up a bit to keep gameplay between stages distinct from each other... but I have to ask what kind of levels do you guys enjoy playing? I don't necessarily mean easy or difficult ones- I'm talking more along the lines of what do you find enjoyable out of a good SRB2 level and why?

If it's easier to point out which levels you absolutely loved or hated with a passion out of this level pack, then that would be acceptable too. Although complaining about lag isn't really a valid criticism because I don't own a computer from 2003, I am willing to accept feedback about the general length of the stages.

Part of the reason it takes me so long to come out with levels is because I kind of lack a direction. I write down some cool ideas I want to try, and see if I can make a cool gimmick out of it. But if you guys can tell me what I'm missing or nailing, I could probably pick out something and try that.

I believe that the greatest sin I could possibly commit on this project would be to crank out 8 more maps that played exactly like Emerald Isle Zone.
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