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Alright, since the only thing we've ever shown last week was an actual screenshot distorted enough to be showcased in a 2/10 creepypasta, I'd like to come out with a few words, and telling you guys what's really been going on.

No this isn't a drama post or anything, just a status report, please keep reading.

First of all, our demo, as impossible as it may seem, is actually dangerously close to being ready(Testing time not included, shipping costs still apply)! Rejoice! To be honest though, you probably wouldn't believe the original release date we had in mind after seeing just how DELAYED it has become.

As you would expect, life, school, sm4sh and general problems irrelevant to TD itself have caused delays in some individuals' lives, and when you have a dev team of people who are specialising in SIGNIFICANT areas (level design, main coding, graphics) even one person down can really hinder progress.

Somewhat related, the fact that we're so close yet so far to a release really delivers a hit on our motivation. It's like watching ice-cream melt in front of your eyes!
So what exactly IS stopping us from releasing this god forsaken demo, other than living nightmare called "Outside"? Aside from minor bugs that wouldn't take long to patch out when we get around to fixing them, our problems lie within the designated HUB level, and multiplayer saving.
The HUB is mainly handled by one-two people, and with the general lack of communication we had amongst ourselves lately, feedback on it has been scarce. Its progress is not HALTED though, it's still going, trust me, I checked.
Multiplayer saving is a tricky thing. Since TD puts more focus on MP than aimbots putting focus on other players' heads, we needed a good old improvement to the existing MP code.

No, I'm not talking about the netcode, hold on to your hats people. I'm just talking about shared data.

As if it wasn't evident enough before, TD takes inspiration from Super Mario 3D World, and we want to include a system that's reminiscent of the Green Star system. The problem isn't that we can't figure it out, in fact, we HAVE figured it out, we just never had a chance to see it in action yet.
If you guys haven't figured it out by now, I'm a terrible PR manager, so I'll cut the babbling about why we just couldn't shove that demo out of the door, and give you some intel.

The content included in the demo is:
-The HUB
-Checkered Mountain Zone 1
-Mainframe Metropolis Zone 1
-Weather Factory Zone 1
-Frozen Factory Zone 1
-Stormy Streets Zone
-and some other non-level extras!

Hopefully that'll be quite enough for the demo, yeah? Progress on the rest of the levels is there, yes, but let's not get to THOSE yet, these things take time.
I'd like to share some screenies with you, showcasing the levels up there. These screenies won't be anything special, but I pray that they will be satisfactory.


The grass isn't supposed to grow every 3 feet on the walls, I don't know what kind of fertiilizer we used, but we sure as sugar aren't buying any more of that.

CMZ is relatively unchanged, I'm pretty sure any one of you can tell where exactly those screenies show.
On an important note though:

In an attempt scold the camera that had been pestering the victims who dared to step in this cave, we altered the entrance, to make it less visually buggy.

MMZ is also pretty much the same, it's still got the fancy snazzy binary sky up there though~

WFZ has some fancy new graphics in there. This screenie is only a minor example of the improvements it got.

This screenie doesn't signify anything important, I just liked the cinematic thick wind effect.

FFZ also got beautified in the update drought, dangerous new enemies, sliding penguins <3, crystalline textures, multiple shades of blue, anything to make it more enjoyable than it already was.

I'm almost certain the visual overhaul SSZ got dwarfs both FFZ and WFZ, it's just insane.

And that's pretty much it for this public service announcement. If we're lucky, this post will be rendered redundant as we get the chance to just finish the thing and release it to you all. If not.....well.....2015 the year of TopLuigi I guess?
See you next phantasm~
<MonsterIestyn> surely it's good ass though

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