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I demand that if you beat the game on ultimate, you get the Sonic at the end to give a speech on how good you are, a la Earthworm Jim.

"YOU'RE THE BEST! Wow. You beat the game on ultimate! That's incredible! I couldn't even do that! You can put this game in the recycle bin, because you've mastered it. Seriously, put down the joystick, and know that you, rest assured, are the best. You're probably the only person whos heard me say this. Me talking, right now! You! We care about you. If you ever feel bad about yourself, remember this day and what you're hearing right now. YOU, ARE, THE, BESSSST!! And if you fail at anything, if you come in last at the track meet, you just sit there and raise your head up and say, "Sonic Team Junior said, I was the best. Damn it, I'm the best. I CAME IN LAST, BUT I'M THE BEST." If you wake up one day, and you're in prison serving a life sentence, you just look up and say, "I'M THE BEST." When you're down. When you're lonely! When all your friends abandon you because you're such a jerk. You sit there and say to yourself "I'm the best. I'm the best. I'M THE BEST!!
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