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Oh boy here we go...


Single Player

Running Special Stage 1 by ZarroTsu : 8/10

Well that was a well executed concept, although not even strafing can catch the feel of automated running. I haven't got much to say about this one, as it's just a special stage, but I can say you could get more creative with obstacles, like walls, or flames, anything works, you decide.

City Area by Internet Explorer : 4/10

Uh....when I first started the level I was confused. Everything blends in with everything, some texturing choices were horrible, ALL Thing placement was horrible,room designs were mostly confusing and there were obstacles that were ridiculously annoying to pass (read: those chains). But I guess I can give a few points here and there by the NOT sucky areas of the level, like the conveyor at the end.

Polluted Plains by 742mph : 5/10

We start with an unnecessary cutscene, okay. Then we get to the level itself. First of all, this "rings from enemies" gimmick should be introduced better.Since I had no rings right at the start I simply avoided the enemies, and only learned I got rings by getting outside help.
Next, the level design. It was decent, I'll give you that, but some areas were really cramped and som- no wait, ALL jumps were lethal. You don't want THAT in a level. I gameover-ed a few times JUST because I slightly mistimed a small jump.
Then we get to the boss. A well SOCced Metal Sonic, but it was annoying, as he kept flying high in the air, and with the danger of going to the boss with no rings, this can ALSO get brutal.


Aquatic Egg by akb778 : 4/10

Yet another cramped map.Well, most of it anyway. The inside areas were a pain to navigate, the outside area had too little of a screentime, and the map didn't live up to its name at all.Normally I wouldn't mind this but this time I expected a proper water gimmick, and was disappointed. This map could do better with a x1.5 size increase for everything.

Maple Lake by ZarroTsu : 10/10

VERY well done. The level felt very balanced (balanced = THOKTHOKTHOK) and item placement was fair. It didn't have any of those "spring abuse" moments either. Just one thing you could do is, maybe extend it a little from the sides, or make some more elevated areas to improve gameplay.That's pretty much it.

Edit: You know what? After a few more matches in here, I understood my complaints were due to MY OWN lack of playing skill, not because the level was flat, or cramped. So yeah, enjoy your 10.

Blissful Grove by Scizor300 : 4/10

Ouch. I don't care how wide open it may look, it was VERY cramped for gameplay. Ammunation was VERY lacking, and some so called "decorations" managed to block my path pretty easily. However, the challenge to get to the higher ground was fun, and the level gets a nice feel to it once you start avoiding all those trees and whatnot.


Castle Flagman by EternallyAries : 6/10

What's with all the cramped maps lately? Anyway, this map was.....fine actually. Despite the horrible crushers and some cramped corridors, not to mention that ridiculous useless "Anti-Sonic" path, the elevation variation was nice, object placement wasn't too shabby, and the outside area, whilst VERY hard to reach, added some variety. The bases seemed very hard to defend though, you might want to put some obstacles and whatnot.

Spacebound Fortress by ZarroTsu : 7/10

While certainly not amazing, this level certainly wasn't BAD, not at all. Some ledges had jumps that were very hard to make, and since I can't get AROUND them, it was bothersome. Other than that, it felt like Cloud Palace, just with less running and more jumping.


Aphotic City by ThunderNova : 3/10

I admire your efforts to make Sonic NOT win in a race, but this shouldn't be how it works. Airtight platforming, awkward steamy segments, not to mention a broken teleporter. The texturing wasn't that bad, but that's not what I'm focusing on. Anyway, lots of checkpoints right near each other, was really silly, ESPECIALLY near the end. Try loosening the paths a little, and don't be so harsh on players, like punishing them with death pits on every given chance.

The End of Circuit by akb778 : 1/10's not going to work. A joke map is NOT how you say goodbye to circuit. Nothing interesting other than the eye-blinding texture usage.NOTHING.


Can't tell if proud because it's actually decent or sad because the gimmick backfired horribly.

Anyway I think I did a good job on this, and even if the area warp gimmick failed miserably, I might still grab a few points from other edges, no?

Mountainside Greens by Root : 1/10

Still not working. LITERALLY totally flat, those spikeballs are pretty much invisible to the eye, and having a single checkpoint breaks the whole idea, since you can U-turn and you'll reach the end faster. I highly suggest texture variation, alternate paths that are actually challenging and worth something, NORMAL paths that are actually challenging and worth something, more rings, and probably some elevation, we are near a mountain after all.

CastleLand by EternallyAries : 6/10

I admit. I had fun with this level. What with the bottomless pits, and the bookcases that create small mazes, it was very good. However the inside of the castle had a problem most maps had: Crampedness. It was very hard to navigate through most of the castle, and you seem to have a love for using springs everywhere. Try to give the player more control okay?

Blackmagic Workshop by Internet Explorer : 6/10

Another great level. Putting the outstanding scenery aside, the level was simple, but the gimmicks were well executed. However having Brak Eggman in the level was odd and the space countdown area kept dragging on forever and was bothersome. One last thing. That bookcase secret path was....guess what? Cramped!

Quartz Caverns by glaber : 3/10

Those giant stairs burn.Those not-so-antiSonic paths burn. Those flat roads with monitors spilled everywhere burn. Those lowered areas in the road that do nothing but get you back out burn. Those horrible texture choices burn too but I won't get into that.

Requim For a Soul by Boinciel : 5/10

For a joke wad this was pretty impressive. But it dragged on FOREVER, and while the level design was actually very good and the shortcuts were a nice touch, it was awkward. Very awkward.

Conveyor Climb by ShadowHog : 4/10

Most of the problems have been explained here. Knux being hard to navigate, lack of variety, and whatnot.

Hot Chocalate Manor by Katmint : 4/10

Very short, very cramped, yet still pretty fun. Those flamethrowers were pointless and/or annoying at places, but still, not THAT bad.
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