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Well this was impressive OLDC this time. I really enjoyed it as well. Great way to start the new years. Anyway time to start my votes.


Aquatic Egg Zone by akb778 - 3/10

This level was way to small. I had problems moving most of the time. And the trees being attach to the sky is not a good idea. Making the leaves into FOFs is a better idea then that. And including the level was so cramp as well.

Maple Lake Zone by ZarroTsu - 7/10

I just love this map. It was so open space. And it let you move and thok anywhere you needed to. It even help Tails and Knuckles when they need to invade the players or when they need to run. Very good level. Including it had all kinds of places to go to as well. Such an awesome map. Only one thing that bring it down from a 9/10 was that there was no detail in the map and also it felt empty a lot. But other then that this maps wonderful.

Blissful Grove Zone by Scizor300 - 6/10

This map was lovely. It gave me the forest type feeling as well. It had water falls. Things to climb on anything. This level had its own style and I like it. Only thing that bring it down was that the chaos emeralds placements was all mess up. And some thing placements as well. And the level felt cramp to me. I felt like I had to keep jumping a lot over things to get to some rings and weapons.


Castle Flagman Zone by EternallyAries Red X - (None)

And this level was made by me and Teen JR. And by the way you forgot to credit him. Anyway this level is very cramp to me after playing it a bit in like a 8 player game.

Also Fawfulfan. I know Aries is not the god of war. It is a sign. But players always called me the god of war out of no where. So I just started using the name. Anyway Aries is a sign of a ram. And Ares is the god of war.

Spacebound Fortress Zone by ZarroTsu - 7/10

This level was neat to me. I really enjoy playing it. And I love the setup in it as well. And only problem I really have for it. Is that its hard for me to stay alive when there not much rings to pick up. But other then that the level plays perfectly to me. And it works great with Tails and Knuckles as well.


Aphotic City Zone by ThunderNova - 1/10

This map was god awful. The level was super cramp. And the texture hurted my eyes. Including there was a teleport problem as well. But hey at least you put effort into trying to make a map.

The End of Circuit by akb778 - 2/10

I don't know why but I enjoy this map. At first when it started it was all normal. But once you got out of the cave it changes into full of randomness.
I gotta say even if this is a joke map I love it.

Unstable Icicle Zone by Zipper - 5/10

I truely gotta say. You did well with this map Zipper. Even if its confusing and stuff. You put effort into it. And it also had changing rooms in it as well. And the springs where it makes you go back a bit. Was priceless.

Mountainside Greens Zone by Root - 2/10

Well this map is very flat indeed. It looks as it was made in less then 7 minutes. The level has like no detail and its very boring and its a full on thok fest as well. And I never minded thok fest style race levels. But this was ridicules.

CastleLand Zone by EternallyAries Red X - (None)

This is my map so yeah. I must admit I got to agree with Charybdizs with the springs and other stuff. If I had the chance. I go back and edit it again. And the cramp rooms and stuff. Well it need a full remake to make it even possible to do.

Black Magic Workshop by Internet Explorer - 6/10
I fell in love with this map dear Internet Explorer. It had amazing set up. And I love the devil and witch stuff. The pentagrams and everything. I love how there was even a 2nd path to choose from. And I bet most of SRB2 users have not seen the 2nd path. Since its hidden. Anyway this level loss the 8/10 to me. Because one it had that space count down thing. And it made it impossible for knuckles to beat it. Tails hardly can beat it. Gotta strafe fly to do so. And the teleports are broken sadly. It works perfectly for node 0 and node 01. But any higher and they only get one time to go in the teleports. After that it wont work anymore. Anyway awesome level.

Quartz Caverns Zone by glaber - 5/10
This level is ok. It was confusing and all that. But since our test you did fix the texture errors. And you add some detail to the map. But to tell you the truth. This map is still way to empty. There so much open space to add cool stuff into it as well. And jumping over and over with the stairs really pisses me off.

Requiem for a Soul by Boinciel - 7/10

I have one thing to say Boinciel. This level is fucking huge. It feels like you go on and on forever in this level. It took me like 3 minutes to even finish 1 lap for the level. The detail and textures are awesome and all. But the level was way to damn long. And I got confuse so much in this level. This level needs arrows or something. That tells you. Your going the right way. But once you made it past the 1st lap. You kinda know where your going then.

Conveyor Climb Zone by Shadow Hog - 0/10

Ok I have no idea what your thinking of when your making this map Shadow Hog. But making it only for knuckles makes this map useless. Including the belt move way to fast for knuckles to climb up to get some gliding time. It seems I always glide into the lasers walls as well.

Hot Chocalate Manor by Katmint - 3/10

Well this map was very cramp and hardly no room to thok or anything. I had to use Tails to even play in this map. Being sonic and jumping on the small platforms. Really made it hard to race in this map. Anyway the map was ok.

Coop/Single Player Maps

Running Special Stage Act 1 by ZarroTsu - 5/10

Well I like this stage. I kinda enjoy the fact that you can keep on running. It kinds feels like that sonic rush special stages. Always running one way and getting the rings. I enjoy it.

City Area by Internet Explorer - 4/10

Ah yes this level. I remember playing this with just you and me in your server. It was very enjoyable if I do say so my self.
Anyway this is an fun level. And it had its own style and its ways. I like the cars and stuff as well. I kinda got stuck at the part where you must hit the sping and hang on the chains then having to jump to the side a bit and push the switch down. I died a lot in that.And then comes the room with the spikes. That room hated me. I walk and I ran into the spikes like so much.

Polluted Plains Zone by 742mph - 6/10

Ah yes this one I mostly enjoy out of all the single player levels. The story was awesome. Even if sonic was in a coma for 3 weeks. I wonder why Eggman did not kill him... Anyway the level is very hard. I had to use the lives cheat code. To even beat it. Since everything you place in it made it like harder then hell to pass. And removing the thok was to me was a big down for this. It felt it kinda needed it. For sonic to jump over most of the big gaps that i keep falling into. But anyway besides that the map really was nice. With its own touch and its own style. And the metal sonic battle was awesome as well.
There is nothing much to read here.

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