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Seeing as no one else seems to have pointed this out to you yet, I'll take it upon myself to do so.

Originally Posted by SRB2PlayerFan View Post
Plus, people who make circuit levels don't put too much effort into it.
That is nonsense.

You don't think Blade puts a lot of effort into his many race maps?
You don't think Internet Explorer put much effort into her race map Lost Feelings Island?
You don't think KOTE and ThunderNova put a lot into Spring Factory Zone?
You don't think Fawfulfan tried very hard on Wacky Tesseract?
You don't think Kuba did his most on Sunken Cave Zone?

Think again. At very least, least don't talk in such silly extremes. Though there's been the doozies, there have been gems, just like any other gametype. It's unfair of you to discredit all the people who have put their hands and hearts into making a good circuit map.
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
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