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Well, let me begin....

As far as Sapphire Coast goes, there is nothing too interesting about it, besides the custom enemy, that is, what do you call it? The spring on the turtle doesn't appear unless it is chasing after you. There were also a few places in act 2 that could have some more scenery.

I didn't like the desert level, the gameplay felt bland, and the level design felt pretty boring to be honest. As for the boss, it was a little too easy for my tastes, I suggest that you have him shoot as soon as he is vulrenable.

Poison Factory is imcomplete but the disign you have for it so far is pretty good, I was almost always moving. The boss map for this zone is way to big, maybe you could have rizing slime and barrels to jump on when its too high?

The main texture for Frozen Hillside is still an eye-strain, try making each design as big as 4 GFZ bricks. The custom enemies looked cool, but thier accuracy is pretty bad, and they don't shoot often, or pose much of a threat.

Magma Caver was my favorite, it kept me on my toes, and always had a surprize in the next area. You may have noticed this, but you can finish the level in the lava after it rizes, I fell in and thokked towards the end level sector and completed the level, lucky me. :P The boss was the best of the two custom ones, but it was really repetitive, nothing I can suggest to fix it however...

All in all, this is a really good pack of levels, imcomplete or not, nice job!
Wait, there's a level called Sapphire Coast?
You sir, have either stolen my idea or coincidentally conjured it up simultaneously O.o
Funny thing is, When I entered Act 1 into the OLDC WAY back in January of 2008, SOmeone said the same thing.

And no, I didn't take the name from you, or anyone else.

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