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Originally Posted by Toaster
I liked this mod very much. Things I especially like-
-The Titlescreen
-The Springy-Shells
-Every non-boss level up to the Lava level
-A good way to replace AFALL*.
-Great (custom) bosses!
-Fire blaster turret.

However, there were a few flaws.
-Levels are quite short, unfortunatley.
-The snowman sprites have abrupt turning sprites- There is only a front, sides and back. SRB2 requires two (four?) more. However, it is very well SOCced.
-Sometimes I see situations without GFZGRASS or the Snow zone's variant. Please go back and doublecheck.
-The Lava level is very flawed. I play on Normal and I get a Game Over. It does have good elements, but requires a term I have coined, Impossible Platforming. This is where the progression of the level requires you to jump on a platform the other side of the room, or to a platform which is spring distance up.
-The Lava level is missing springs in Normal. How do I know it's only Normal? Other players- HARDER players, better players- have not reported this.

This is a very fun little level pack and I can't wait to see more from it.

The lava level has spin-to-rise platforms. Next release will fix this, by telling you what to do. That is why there are no springs.

The Snow-Egg's sprites are not done. Should be done by next release, however.

Some levels are short because they aren't done yet.


Now then, some things to exspect in the next version.

- Redone Desert Sands act 1.
- Poisoned Factory act 2.
- Sunken Labyrinth act 1.
- Finished Frozen Hillside act 1.
- New enemies, and maybe a new boss.

I plan on a release sometime in May, before ME is released. If ME is released before it's done, I'll give you all what I have so far, then revamp it for ME, then release a v1.0-ME.

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