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  • 1st Zone: Great! Like the level design. Like the look. Love the gimmick of the spring enemies taking you to secret areas. Perfect difficulty for first stage.
  • 3rd Zone: great difficulty for 3rd zone.
  • 4th Zone: Love the ice blocks. Great custom textures. SlopeRoll'd at the start.
  • 1.1 sprites. Yay.
  • Good custom enemies, textures and bosses.
  • Good level design.

  • Inconsistent difficulty throughout mod. In my honest opinion, buzzes and red crawlas shouldn't start turning up until zone 3. Pop up turrets shouldn't appear until zone 4 or 5 or so. Detons i'm not sure, because they suck.
  • Later levels too short.
  • 4th Zone: Is this incomplete? I also don't really like the snow slides
  • 2nd Zone: Too hard for a 2nd zone. Way too many enemies. Pop-up turrets and Detons don't work here.
  • Sonic CDj boss theme. Good song in the game it's from, but it doesn't fit here.
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