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Rainy Jungle Zone by WEREHOG - 3/10
- Boring level design
- Some rings are embedded into walls
- Texture choice is ugly
- Otherwise decent, but nothing good.
- Oh yes, the mazes...

Medivo Zone by Glaber - 4/10
- Level design is still rather square and bland
- Made of around 5 textures, please add some more
- Went around in a circle once due to poor level design
- Though, there are some interesting points.

Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl - 7/10
- As been said before, please just use MAP01
- Please have the beginning of the level against the wall, I got stuck between the thok barrier and the actual level.
- Ohey 2D mode- owait no.
- That little pit with the Sharps shouldn't have so many rings
- Trees look nice, and the falling icicles are interesting
- Yet again, reduce the rings on the secret Sharp pits.
- Some REDWALL here and there because of wall issues.
- Bad texturing near the end.

A rather horrid OLDC this year, but Brawl's map is the best of them.
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