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The third room is easy, it's the fourth room where it becomes problematic. I haven't yet found a proper way to complete it, the only thing I thought of was spindash-jumping out of one of the pipes to the exit. But no, the third room was awesome, just like the first two ones. Hell, even the fourth one is probably great, I just haven't found the solution yet. Great puzzle map, but incidentally an awful Race map.
Fourth room is the same as the third one, except taken to an extreme. You need to get to the right altitude in order to just walk into the exit, but to do that, you need to first be at another altitude, but first you need to figure out how to get at THAT altitude etc etc. And yes, you can cheat. I got fed up with the map so I just submitted it for the sake of not ending up having wasted my time.

It's not even a "great puzzle map", it's just bad. The first two rooms have a completely different dynamic to the latter two and I wish I had possessed the inspiration/attention span to design two more rooms creatively like those.

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