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Originally Posted by SpiritCrusher View Post
I agree with you that Fawfulfan should've spent way more time checking for obvious bugs in this release, and even one full playthrough would've made most of them immediately obvious. However, I'm honestly surprised at how adamantly you hate Tortured Planet's levels. Spacewalk, for example, is undoubtedly pretty bad as levels go, but from what you've said on IRC, I kind of get the impression that its worst sin is being boring and repetitive. A level being boring is, well, boring, but I can't imagine it being as bad as some of the lazily designed and/or nigh-unplayable levels of such packs as Eggmanway5 or Zeostar Realm 2. I mean, at least Act 2's vacuum gimmick near the end is pretty creative, and the satellite platforms look nice, and stomping around that asteroid field section at double size was kind of fun. Again, it's bad, but to me there isn't anything concretely hateable enough for it to be bad bad.

As for Alien Armageddon, both acts are way too long on their own, some of the gimmick rooms get old about halfway through, and it doesn't have any major gameplay mechanics that are consistently developed throughout either or both levels, but what I just said about Spacewalk still applies. Those flaws are enough to make me reluctant to play it all the way through, but they don't make playing it a more painful experience than, say, Azure Temple, and I can still have some fun with it in certain sections. (I've also found that playing it with Tails and Knuckles make the frustrating bits far less frustrating.) In conclusion, the technical issues are blatant and numerous and need to be fixed as soon as possible, but I just can't understand how rage on the level of SpiritCrusher's here is an appropriate response to a level pack that, at its worst, is nothing more or less than boring.
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