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If anybody still plays this game and uses my launcher, I have a test version I'd like you to try out. Download here. The version number is v1.7 because reasons.

This version, other than being renamed, can read and write SRB2 config files. My implementation is pretty awful (and pretty old now; it's been a while since I've touched it), but I need to know if it screws up your config files. I'd recommend just backing up your current SRB2 config file and using this for a while. If anything breaks, compare with the old one and let me know. (It also minimizes when you launch the game, and it'll reload the config when the game exits.)

The reason for this is that the server name in the netplay options is now configurable. Note: your launcher config file from the release version isn't compatible with this one. They're not too different that you couldn't convert it over, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out.

File lists also aren't compatible, but converting those is simple:
  • Remove "[Files]" from the top of the file list. You can use find and replace to replace "[Files]" with nothing.
  • Replace File[number] with just [number]. You can probably get away with just replacing all case sensitive instances of "File" with nothing.
(If you have a bunch of file lists, you can open them all in Notepad++ and run those replace procedures in all opened files.)

After you've done that, you can load the file list into the newer launcher. There will be a blank first entry, so I recommend removing those and saving as you go. This is because the new file lists are 0-based instead of 1-based.

If everything goes well, I'll release this version with the source code and probably never work on it again seeing as I've been sitting on this update for well over a year now. Your business is appreciated.
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