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Average fireworks for an average contest.

Competition rather disappointing on the whole, it must be said ... I also noticed new / rare designers that I didn't or almost didn't know their works, perhaps some participants are beginners mappers. As for the creators of Race including myself, some have abandoned their plans, others did not have enough time, etc. ... some have stopped the production.
I am far from an experienced commentator, but I'll give what I can.

1 Player Division


Running Special Stage Act 1 by ZarroTsu : 9 / 10
The mechanism of this level is probably one of the best ideas that could be attributed to SRB2, and secondly, this bonus is the best bonus I've ever seen, because it is the first that contain a such gameplay. Of course, I will not note this level according to the original 1P level design maps, but according to the bonus level design.
+ Given the lags, I can not imagine the number of platforms that crumble .. that you must have suffered to set up ~
+ Traditional textures : the area where Sonic is running is short and simple but sufficient. A bonus that file in a straight line, without decorations "to fill" on the sides. I just want to know something, if you read this : you didn't based your level on the bonus of the Sonic Blast game, by chance ?
+ The music of Sonic Advance, I think ? According to people, it may be appropriate or not ... it depends on the people.
- The only small point is that it was quite repetitive. It required more variations, but of very slight variations : simple steps/stairs, springs that make the player fly over a big hole ...

City Area by myself
Basically, it was one of my training levels to level design, but it was a serious level design training, of course. So I agree that it is really very average, I do not want to show off something exeptionnal here. To be honest, I have heard that there were not many 1P maps in this contest, so I dusted off my old levels ..
This one has been made 1 year ago.

Polluted Plains Zone by 742mph : 6 / 10
Amazing how the editing style is similar to D00D64's ! But that isn't flourishing all over ...
+ You seem to be good to the SOC edition. I am referring to Metal Sonic but also as some gimmicks ... those who drive the Eggman engine, for example, in the 2D part ... However, change the speed of thok was it really necessary ?
+ The theme looks pretty original and nice to play. After the story (which is pretty much invented for my taste), the music of JP Palmtree Panic is perfect for the atmosphere "Green Hill Base" where the player appears.
- According to the players, the difficulty may be annoying or beloved. Personally .. I'm neutral on it. But just don't abuse of a hard and annoying challenge, like rooms with Death Pits which need a lot of player control to don't be hurt by the lasers.
- Be careful with that, because no one will pass on the good old Level Design 101 ... it's very tight. Yes, even a power plant needs to have larger areas, and Green Hill too. I know you want to make a hard level, but draw the smallest sectors which can exist isn't the best way to make a hard level.
Once the level is completed, the plant that I traveled seemed quite small.
Conclusion : no offenses on gadgets / experimentation, but the basic rules of construction prevent me to enjoy your experience ... on new mechanisms.

Match Division

Aquatic Egg Zone by akb778 : 4 / 10
... let's agree on one point, the rail has never been strong in the narrow levels.
+ I think the choice of textures is the thing to highlight. I understand the theme without problems, and the Tidal Palace / Techno Hill transitions quietly taking place without problems.
+ At least it's good that there is no lag.
- I can understand that you wanted in your theme to show a kind of flooded base with pipes and secret passages under water, but that's really too narrow for the fighting. This is the biggest problem at this level ...
- For an Eggman base, it does not seem very dangerous.
Note : In my sense, I would rather see "Aquatic Egg" as the level Waterworks (maybe you do not know it : Waterworks = ERZ + Water Style), with passages out from time to time. With a beautiful rain, it's perfect.

Maple Lake Zone by ZarroTsu : 8 / 10
I took a good beating when I played this with some people .. Personally, the Nimbus Ruins fits better, but you can chose as your tastes, of course.
+ In fact ... it's like Meadow Match ! There's just more vertical variations and submarine passages ! So I think this great arena will appeal to experienced players.
+ The Rail is difficult to achieve, well done. In this way, players will flee unarmed in the middle of the vast arena. At least, as the hunter does not get the rail .. General gameplay is also very strategic. The rows of rings and 10 boxes of rings are not placed anywhere.
- Speaking of weapons, their investment could be slightly more balanced, I noticed a bad balance between weapons in the cave and in the lake sector.
- This theme would have been cuter if the music would not be so ... unsuited to these pretty ruins. As this is my own opinion, I do not take into account that in the mark ~

Blissful Grove Zone by Scizor300 : 6 / 10
This is the kind of stage which is very bloody and not smell good the surprise attack.
+ No repproche on the placement of weapons / rings, it is besides this that I think represents the level.
+ Let's also present the water pass, it can exhaust the major fightings and even contain a shield. Very good pass and probably vital at this level.
+ Maybe nature has been made strategically for the players ? I have not tried to hide behind the trees and sneak attack, but it could work ...
- A large area. As Maple Lake, the Rail is hard to obtain, which is good, but the level is really designed to create a hard time (I am mostly referring to the spring in the middle of the arena, which climb the players to the top of the tree ... the one who goes through this passage is death.)
You make a lot of nature level, don't you ? Or maybe is it just a rush ?

Capture the Flag Division

Castle Flagman Zone by EternallyAries Red X : 8 / 10
On closer inspection, I discovered a much better gameplay than received when I tested the level for the first time. A little pun on the words in the name of the level, except that the flags ... were not really present.
+ If the player wants to make an assault on the base, then the road is traced. If he wants to reload a weapon, then he will deflect. Here, the weapons are worth, they are not obtained by running straight toward the enemy base. I come to the following fact :
+ All is well placed : weapons like rings. We can also recognize the shield in the middle, in a dangerous area.
- Maybe there was a little too much areas ! I refer especially to the outside, with streams of water that hurt. In CTF, we need to be able to quickly pick up or retrieve the flag.
- Slightly tight, but very slightly. I do not forget that it is a castle.

Spacebound Fortress Zone by ZarroTsu : 7 / 10
I thought it was a straight line between two bases, I was wrong. In fact, there is gravity in space ?
+ Music / Textures granted to the theme and the name of the level.
+ To move from one base to another, there is a jump over the void. The chases and the online parties will be longer (positive).
- The rings are always placed at the edges ! Rings, you can not stay in the middle of the passages ?
And regarding the cases of the 10 rings boxes, it should work. They are not placed in easy heights, but do not cause difficult situations either.

Race Division

Aphotic City Zone by ThunderNova : 3 / 10
I'm sorry, but this level is far too complex ... can not take the speed of the Race mode here.
+ The theme is the only thing I can more or less respect. Otherwise, maybe some Tails and Knuckles will venture here .. since there is the height.
- Yes, it's impossible to run continuously here, or else for a brief package of short seconds. A teleporter, any vertical variation, and Sonic stops to get high. The gameplay is focused around that unfortunately only ... a very close race and irregular can not get a lot of fun ...

Unstable Icicle Zone by Zipper : 6 / 10
Not bad at all. Actually... I think you exploited all the ideas of the words of the name of the level, so... I can't tell if you missed something about challenges.
+ Areas are big, but it's not a Thokfest, or if it is, then it's a strategic thokfest. Because fall under the water is probably the worst thing which can happen in this level to the players...
~ The two passages at the beggining are unfair. The one with the current looks much longer.
- There are maybe some areas which need less walls. Like the dark one with golden and purple columns...

The End of Circuit by akb778 : 2 / 10
Two points for this psychedelic dance. Still, I prefer a little more visual jokes like these than the jokes about the gameplay, like some levels ... "obnoioxies mym litltle pnony refenrence znone". Anyway, have a little show from time to time can give a little rest before the rest of the maps ...

Mountainside Greens Zone by Root : 2 / 10
I can't say good things about this one... It's just a thokfest. In a grassy mountain decor. The pass at the middle of the wall just divide the level...

CastleLand Zone by EternallyAries Red X : 7 / 10
Another castle theme, but it seems you make them good.
+ We really have the feeling to be in a dark and high castle, like these ones with a bell at the top, especially when comes this part with spring combos which propel you higher.
+ The gameplay is ok, according to the way you're using to do the level... there are some little shortcuts with Sonic, like by using some boxes to reach higher platforms...
- Of course, it is narrow, and it's not the best thing for the race.
- I just noticed that : there is water at the beggining of the castle. I maybe didn't got your idea.
Sweet clouds.

Quartz Zone Caverns by glaber: 7 / 10
This is a beautiful cave -or rather mine- but with slight problems in the gameplay.
+ Very nice to watch, especially when the sky is visible, but ... the "light rock" (those that are light blue, yellow, etc ...) inked into the ground do not seem to adapt.
+ Despite several passages, there is no confusion.
- If there really is something that I hated, it's the stairs ... you have to jump regularly, and a bad timing can slow. You should find another way to increase the height.

Black Magic Workshop by myself
My main level for this contest. I see that you don't enjoy it. Let's see then..
Before all, please notice that this isn't supposed to give any religious opinions. I used the Satanism theme to make a scary level, because I know this religion's symbols are easily recognizable.

I heard a lot of thing about a teleporter problem... my teleporter was supposed to work like "Each time a player enter the dark stair, he/she must be teleported to the beggining of the level". I just don't know WHERE this pit is from. There is no pits around the teleporter or its destination... And my level especially failed because of this teleporter. Why me ? I set it correctly, but I just don't know WHY it doesn't work ! I checked everything !

This teleporter works when only 1 player do it, but for some reasons, it can't handle several players ?

Then, about the gameplay and the overall level...
I used a lot of confusion to improve the scary theme, but I can understand that this was maybe too much confusing, some people even said it could be a SP map... Well, you need to try something several times to understand how is it supposed to work. It's like doing ERZ3 for the first time without help, nothing.

Requiem for a Soul by Boinciel : 9 / 10
"Requiem", so it's a serious work for me ... Here, it was not entirely matter of gameplay, but atmosphere (this is how I took this level.). And I see inside feelings, I do not think you wanted to create just a little joke based on the music .... do you ? I really enjoy to see ideas that are not from the sectors blood but the heart of the designers.
+ The first thing I notice is ... undoubtedly this strange atmosphere. This is not necessarily scary or fun, it's ... Neutral. It's a confusing atmosphere. I'm still speechless and I do not really know what to make of this atmosphere.
+ Moving to music, if we can call it that "music", this has tormented me for 8 full minutes ... we're hearing a voice, even if it refers to the end of the Race division of the contest, it fits the mood of that environment, which is a kind of "sanctuary".
- The gameplay ... we can not say it's a pure joy, but it still has potential. The sectors are far from being constructed in the form of a joke. Also, the gameplay would have been even more mysterious ... if the level changed at every turn. But I think the players would hate too much change / confusion.
I note that work, I'll have to revisit it

Conveyor Climb Zone by Shadow Hog : 3 / 10
Very difficult level and especially ... lazy, I must admit. It does not take much to make a difficult level.
About thoking Sonics, levels filled with strategically placed walls can prevent a thoking Sonic. Or at least reduce his thok. But...FORCE Knuckles in a level just for him ?
+ I can compliment the mechanism, though perhaps it already existed in ERZ ... but that's it. After that, players can perhaps save time by falling into a death pit after a checkpoint, go back to the top and do a big flight without stoping.
- Textures are ERZ, that's all ...

Hot Chocalate Manor by Katmint : 4 / 10
ChoCAlate ? Maybe an error ?
This has almost the same problem of Aphotic City, it's really narrow...
+ The theme looks great, I'm pretty sure that if you make the passages bigger, then it will be more fun to play though this theme. I rarely see these textures (disco textures), and the music just looks to "Chocolate".
+ The flame makes the level harder (positive). I did this level with Tails, so I don't know about Sonic, but the part with increasing square sectors should be evil if Sonic got hurt by these flames... he dies in the deepest floor of the manor. (negative).
- I don't know about you, but chocolate doesn't hurt me. Excepted if you did for the gameplay.

Phew, this was a long night of analysis, I'll go to sleep now.. SP reviews should be better than the last reviews, and I'm sorry about that, I got really tired ~
It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try

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