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Another OLDC and this time we say goodbye to the Race Division. Sadly my SP map didn't make it in. I guess that's my fault for not submitting it sooner and because school starts for me in a week and I won't have a break until summer, I might not get it in until then. I will try though.

Well enough moping around for me lets get on with the reviews.

Single Player:

Running Special Stage Act 1 - by ZarroTsu:
This was a very interesting level. In fact I've never seen a Special Stage level submitted in the OLDC before, so it was a first for me. As I played it though I found that it was pretty neat. Certainly very different from any other Special Stage I've seen before. So I gotta give you points for the creativity. I found though that the death pits were a bit annoying in some parts, especially during the end. I tended to fall into them there. Also since it's Act 1 of the Special Stages, I think you should consider making it a bit easier for players to get the emerald. Maybe getting rid of a few death pits? If you do this though and you find that the level seems pretty easy, you could always add some of those Spike Bomb things. Either way I rather enjoyed this, however I think it could have been better.

City Area - by Internet Explorer:
Alright at first I had this strange feeling that you did way better on your race map than on this one. There were parts where I was very unsure where to go. Although the level was fairly original, I kinda disagree on your texture choices for the level. It kinda seemed a bit random in some places. I did like the cars you made, even though they didn't have round wheels, but hey I guess that's just the games fault. Although I really didn't like the level, I didn't completely hate it either. I think you did a nice job in a few places, but overall I think you could have made the map less cramped, made better texture choices, and you could have also made the path a bit more easy to follow.

Polluted Plains Zone - by 742mph:
When I saw the name I expected something like the exact reverse of Greenflower Zone. When I selected the level, however, I saw cutscenes(which I thought weren't too bad), and afterwards a giant factory with lazers blocking my path. Later I found out about the nerfed thok, and everything else. I felt that there were cheap deaths whenever I took a path with lazers and goop that instantly killed you. I have to agree that some of the others were right about your map. It is meant for someone who truly knows how to play the game or a 'pro' if you wish. Also the level design wasn't even that good as well even though the path seemed pretty straight forward and I also thought that the battle with Metal Sonic at the very end didn't even suit the level itself. Quite frankly I didn't like this map too much, but it wasn't terribly bad and even though it had effort in other places, I feel like it didn't for the level design.

Other Ratings will be added later on.

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