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Originally Posted by SRB2PlayerFan View Post
Conveyor Climb Zone by Shadow Hog - 1/10

This level is too hard, and it is also a joke level. Climbing those conveyors are annoying besides the fact they are by laser walls. Also, it is too long. Plus, there are some hackers that would use Tails here instead of Knuckles.
Some criticisms here are valid enough; it is pretty difficult, I can see climbing the conveyors possibly being annoying for some people, and it is fairly lengthy.

However, it isn't a joke level (seriously, how the hell did you come to THAT conclusion), and your Tails comment is complete bullshit. I've verified how far he can go, he can't even reach the first checkpoint. Also, what "hackers" can do is irrelevant to the merits of a given map.
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