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Version is out and this time I was up to something more complicated (at least that's what it felt like). I tried to come up with ideas for new hardcoded special character abilities and implemented some of them. Like Thok, Glide, Fly, Double Jump... etc. these abilities will be applied to a character by changing the ability parameter in the character's S_SKIN.

So here we go:
  • Telekinesis

    Ability # 50
    Description: Enemies or other players who are next to the character will be pushed away by pressing JUMP in mid-air or will be pulled towards the player by pressing SPIN in mid-air. The parameter actionspd will determine the pulling/pushing force.

  • Fall Switch

    Ability # 51
    Description: The character's current vertical movement speed will be inversed by pressing JUMP in mid-air. The parameter actionspd has no effect.

  • Jump Boost

    Ability # 52
    Description: The character will jump higher the faster he is moving. Jumping while standing still will perform a normal jump. The parameter actionspd determines the jumping force increase.

  • Air Drill

    Ability # 53
    Description: The character will change into drilling mode by pressing JUMP in mid-air. In drilling mode the character will slowly start accelerating into its facing direction until a certain amount of time has passed or the character is touching ground. While Air Drill is activated the player keeps in control of his/her facing direction and his/her falling speed is decreased. The parameter actionspd determines the drilling acceleration.[/FONT]

The new download file additionally contains 4 placeholder characters (using old, color palette shifted Morphling sprites) who each make use of one of the abilities. Feel free to mess around with them or testing for bugs.

Also it would be nice if you could leave a comment if the abilities are overpowered, pointless or if you have ideas for improvement.


EDIT: I am going to update the documentation page soon... right now I have some problems with my web hosting provider.
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Check out the wiki: or read the original one:

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