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version has been released

  • The mod should now be masterserver compatible.
  • A_Custom3DRotate: horizontal rotation speed is now defined by var2's upper 16 bits instead of the object's speed. both vertical and horizontal speed are now worth 1/10 FRACUNITS per tic and not 1 FRACUNIT per tic
New actions that have been implemented:
  • A_CheckTargetRings: Calls a state depending on the number of rings the actor's target is currently owning.
  • A_MissileSplit: Makes missiles able to spawn other missiles with alternate flightpaths that belong to the actor who shot the former missiles in first place.
  • A_SplitShot: Shoots 2 missiles next to the player.
Try soccing, it's fun! :>

Check out the wiki: or read the original one:
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