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I'm actually really upset over this release. Not to a point where it was a betrayal like Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was. I'm just overwhelmingly disappointed on how this game came out in the end.

I learned from the past not to over-hype a Sonic game and not to expect the next best thing from it and that's how I was throughout the waiting period of Sonic Forces. There were a couple times where I was like, "AW YEAH! THIS IS HAPPENING!" whenever Sonic Team released new footage of a new stage, the comics that were a prologue to Sonic Forces, or even revealing new concepts we have never seen in the Sonic series prior to Forces like the character customization.

Come release day, I see that everyone was really mixed about the whole thing, more of the majority saying it was bad. I didn't bandwagon as I wanted to play the game for myself and get my own opinion on Forces. But I couldn't because of awful optimization for the PC version with all the crashes surrounding it like laggy cutscenes and performance issues. I can't even get past the first level without the game shitting the bed because it crashes right after Sonic makes his joke about Sand Hill. Even when SEGA said they fixed the bug, offered different solutions to other users, and even me going out of my way to update my graphics card, it still crashes. I really wanted to play this game and try to enjoy it, honestly. But the way things are going for the PC version, I might as well get a refund and spend my $40 on something else worthwhile. I have a lot more to say about Forces in general but I think I'm going to cut it off here before this turns into an essay. :V
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