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Seems like I missed a few things on my first run. Here's more (no images because SRB2 failed to do proper screenshots):
  • Puzzle path, right after the beginning, when the spin-breakable blocks are introduced for the first time. There are some rings between the halves of the second platform, to signify that players should jump through it. That's all fine and dandy, but if you break the block and don't collect the rings, they lie directly on top of the platform, without any height offset (aka undeafed)
  • The ledge behind the waterfall in the icicle room is annoyingly narrow. I practically need to hug the wall to not fall off. Annoying.
  • Fast forward to the "button" of the icicle room. I still don't quite like how this is laid out. You made it clear which way is forward, but when I go to the cave with the speed shoes and continue forward, I can still spindash through the small hole and return to the main room without having pressed the button. Just put a solid wall between the speed shoes cave and the small hallway that leads back to the hole.
  • When I spindash through said "button", the Force Shield monitor right next to it suddenly sinks into the ground. No idea what causes it, but maybe you want to take a look.
  • The fountain that is activated by said button has an unnecessary upwards-leading arrow behind it. I think it's perfectly obvious what to do there even without that arrow.
  • The button in the room with the two gargoyles shouldn't be there initially, but rather pop out of the ground once the second gargoyle and the switch appear. It makes no sense beforehand.
  • The rope pulley room has an old spindash-breakable block that you forgot to replace and re-texture.
  • In the snowflake room, you goofed up on the platform with the spin-breakable block. I don't need to break it anymore, the spring reaches all the way to the top.
  • Said room also has an old spindash-breakable block that you forgot to replace and re-texture.
  • I'm still not satisfied with the path layout in the snowflake room. I bet it's still confusing for the uninitiated.

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