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So I wondered what would happen if STJr actually decided to implement these shields into SRB2...

Someone would be thankful at least. =P

Instead of making these Jump Abilities, they're all Spin-in-Midair Abilities, similar to the functioning of the Armageddon and Whirlwind Shield.

Also since they're spin abilities...

All characters can use them!

Though at the moment, The Thunder Shield doesn't attract rings, mostly because of how hardcoded the function P_Attract is. (And rebuilding it in lua is going to be taxing for me...)

Credits to RapidGame7 for helping me with actually spawning the shields.
Credits to Hedgefox for the S3K Elemental Symbols Sprites.
Credits to semi.colon for the original lua of shield abilities (I had to use v1.5a since its almost impossible not to break v1.6 by taking things out)

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