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So I spent the past 3 days making a level, mostly so I could have a level that gives me the excuse to use Sonic Mania's Studiopolis theme. I have made a grave mistake making that wish.

You know the stupid phrase: you can't have your cake and eat it too? Well, I can't have Studiopolis' Theme and have it plastered on a good stage, mostly because I am way too much of a novice to make a quality stage myself. Working with Zone Builder is tedious, boring, and if you're around a bunch of people that EXPECT good quality, and yell at you until you make it good, you can add uninspiring to the list too. I thought I would enjoy my creation, but my thinking process as I made the level had truly come out, and by the time I "polished" the stage with actual textures, I cringed at everything I did. I refuse to release it, and until I have the time and patience to calmly waste on making a decent enough stage, I'm just going to stick to porting other people's 2.0 maps, shitty or not.
Looks nice, flatty and nice :D.
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