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Default Sapheros' Sizziling Thread of Silly Projects

I probably don't need to make this, but eh, I'll just make one just to show off some things that may be completed, but will never be in submissions. That's why I have my site.

For what I have to show this time around, is a boss fight derived from 2.0 SOC, which I have deemed:

This boss is actually a change-up from the SRB3K mod's GFZ3 boss from 2.0. It originally replaced MT_EGGMOBILE, but I decided to make it it's own thing.

To be honest, this boss is like Chaos Domain's Flamebreath's type of difficulty, where you know, the boss is so hard that it's almost impossible to beat it impervious.

The stage is a shameful placeholder since I plan to re-use this boss for any other stages I may re-hash for other uses.

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