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Elemental Mansion Zone Act 1, Are you/your mind?
I can't vote on this level; I made it! I had...a little too much free time on my hands, if you know what I mean. I already have started working on Act 2. Good luck trying to unlock the big secret of the level! It's done by finding all four buttons. I put NoReload = 1 in the map header so finding them won't frustrate you.

Arid Oasis Zone, 0/10
Ahh, another rule-breaking level. Had it not been a rule breaking level, my vote would be 6/10. It's quite good for a 2D zone in SRB2. You figured out the trick, and that was to urge me to go slowly through the level. While that isnít really Sonicky, it felt like the stage flowed anyway. You do have spots that are cheap deaths the first time, but they werenít that annoying simply because you impressed me with the proper 2D mode execution. You have some issues with texturing at places. Unfortunately, this level has hardly any replay value, and thatís because of your gimmick: 2D mode. Still, I liked it. Yeah, there's a reason why Mystic says not to make 2D maps.

Limestone Lake Zone, 3/10 (TENTATIVE)
Never did see the Exit Sector yet. If I feel like coming back to this map, I may change my vote. But I don't exactly want to play this map again.

Despite that, the map was actually quite neat in its unique visuals. However, I frequently got lost (mostly near the end), and throughout the entire map, I could not get up to full speed. There is a noticeable amount of platforming; thatís good; but most of the platforming was a bit too small, slowing the level down. Certain spots in the map were too dark, and the damaging water was a pain to get out of. The Detons were pointless as well. And after 9 minutes, I gave up trying to find the end of the level.

Limestone Ruins Zone, 2/10
When I opened up the stage to hear Deep Sea Zone Act 1 and the framerate immediately drop, it reminded me of my submission. Despite the framerate being lower than normal, it was 100% acceptable; it didn't hurt the level enough to make me drop even a half a point. I do realize that you, Chaos, are quite the Undersea Palace Zone fan. I would suggest that you please not use colormaps as dense as the ones in that zone. Your death pits completely blend in. I was prepared the second time, and I STILL FELL IN, because of how perfectly camouflaged it was. When I spawned at one Star Post, I was immediately dragged through the current into a Crawla, resulting in me losing a life. Not fair.

I succumbed to later playing this map almost entirely through GOD mode, simply because it is just too frustrating otherwise. Death pits frequently come up out of nowhere, especially because of the colormap, and the one place with water on the side for scenery was dumb, as it was also a death pit. >_< Places that were not deadly, were very bland, both visually and gameplay-wise. Oh, and the waterslide gimmick with the spikeballs. Please fix. There are hardly any Rings in that area, making it...well, quite deadly.

This level overrides the blockmap limitation in the X axis by about 2000 fracunits and in the Y axis by about 3000 fracunits; please fix. As such, there was an area with broken collision detection with enemies. I...don't want to come back to this map.

Techno Meadows Zone, 1/10
Definitely has the beginner's touch, which was actually quite amusing in this case. This suffers from extreme flatness; too many dead ends; dull, open spaces; needlessly cramped hallways; no usage of GFZGRASS + Lower Unpegged; and a pointless ambush of Crawla Commanders at the beginning. Visuals weren't very good, but they could have been much worse.

You aren't getting docked for this, but explain why you have your control sectors so far away from the level that it almost overruns the blockmap limitation.

Magma Core Zone, 7/10
I really liked everything here, except the dang spin-to-rise platforms thing. It's way too hard to jump from one platform to the other as Sonic. I also didn't like the way the stage ended. The lava rising at the Exit Sector caused me to get hurt for no reason. Still, the gimmicks here were great, and the level isn't as anti-Sonic as it used to be when I was beta testing this. The lava rising gimmicks finally add to the level rather than take away from it. I apologize that my suggestion to make the spin-to-rise platforms did not help. Also, thank you very much for making it obvious which door the second button opened.

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