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So here's a question to discuss:
Did the new voting system stunt the discussion of the levels in this last OLDC?

I felt like less people threw in their two cents (myself included, but because of internet problems) on each level this time around, and that may just be because of the new voting system. Instead of rating each individual level with a number (which prompts explanations), we just place them in an a simple order relative to each other, and maybe that made for a less discussable OLDC?

Or maybe there just wasn't much to talk about?

What do you guys think?
I feel there's plenty to talk about with the new system. Much discussion sparks for "Why did you put <Zone X> in front of <Zone Y>? What makes it better? What makes <Zone Y> worse?" etc.
I just was too lazy to playtest this OLDC.
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Yeah fuck you too you insufferable twat.
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