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I will try to make up with a story myself and see if you like it or not.

- Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were chilling at this new beach that Sonic recommended called Blue Beach Zone. But as we all know, there is no rest for our heroes. While relaxing at the beach, Tails saw something glowing at the water and then when he went closer to get a closer look, the Egg Mobile came out of the water and as soon as it came out, the water level started going down. Eggman "explained" his plan to Sonic and his friends that he wants to steal the sea in Mobius to create a new sea in his new Planet called the EggmanLand 2.0.
Of course, Sonic is not going to let that happen and he made sure that Eggman knew that. Sonic went after Eggman, crossing the entire Blue Beach at the speed of sound.
Then when Sonic destroys the Egg Mobile, he discovered that Eggman had a new escape method, a portable teleporter. What Eggman didn't know was that he had a locator in his back thanks to Sonic.
They followed the locator's signal to a very snowy place. It was known as Xtreme Xmas. But even with those extremely cold conditions, Sonic with his optimistic look, just blasted through the zone. At the end of the snowy zone, he founds another Egg device, the Eggvalanche (I just came up with that, you don't need to actually make one XD). Of course, sonic blows up with the machine and continues his path. Then he realises that this time, Eggman was not joking. He found himself staring at this endless and huge castle. Sonic tried to not feel intimidated by it and so he carried on.
At the end of the castle, he finds what he thinks to be his last Egg device to blow up, the Egg Hydranator. But Sonic after blowing up with the Hydranator, he finds a secret room that contained familiar stuff. He found information and a teleporter to the.......Space Colony ARK........2.0? Then it was a matter of time until Sonic realized that that the same colony was the EggmanLand 2.0. The teleporter took him to the beggining of the colony. The colony was exactly the same as the old one. The only difference was that the colony had an "Eggman twist" to it.
After the traditional zone space has been finished, Sonic found the old Enemy from The Egg Rock Zone, the Brak Eggman.

(This is what I got so far)

EDIT: Be careful with some of my grammar errors.
Well, i think my story was better, and simpler.
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