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Originally Posted by Metal96 View Post
Ok, there are some definite good and bad things about this pack. Now, I understand that this is your first pack (and I assume that means first release...?) so take everything I say not as an insult but as suggestions :-)
  1. OH MY GOD THAT FIRST LEVEL. I understand that it was meant to be easy...but it was far from it. I got disgustingly lost, as every path I took seemed to take me in circles. After about ten minutes (and 400+ rings from that attraction sheild) I eventually stubled upon the end, but it was a long battle. So I suggest that a) you make the path to the finish more I don't mean litter the world with arrows, but just make everything flow together better. b) OBJECTSPAM Remove a lot of the enemies and a lot of the rings. Fawfulfan once said something about "sparingly and something and something," I don't actually remember it, but the point is don't overload a map with enemies, or, likewise, rings. It just gets too cluttered and annoying. c) What's up with that odd floor near the beginning that you step on and go into a spindash animation? Is it a broken zoom tube or something? d) I'd suggest using more texture variety, but people always take this to literally and just splash random textures on walls. So I won't say this. But I will say, instead of cluttering the level with enemies and rings, create some sector-based scenery and texture it differently to break up the level's "flatness." Aside from these things, I do say I quite enjoy that room with the torches. Looks good. That part with the waterfalls coming together is also nice, this has the potential to be a decent first map.
  2. Second level: Same problems with enemies and rings as the first, but it's far too short. Work on this one more, develop it further.
  3. Boss is fine, leave it alone. The only suggestion I could give is widen the arena a bit, but it's not horrible.
  4. The two xmas levels were not bad. Work on the first zone first and then come back to these later, they're not bad at all. Probably could tone down on enemies some, like I said earlier. Also, act 2 seemed kinda short...maybe you shouldn't leave the end of the level where it is? Also, I enjoyed the part with the platforms there, it was well-placed. But I would say add some vertical variation there, and maybe make a path split.

Well, that's about all I have to on this some and then I'll say more.
Thank you for honest feed back. IŽll remember that when I next time update this.
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