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Not voting. I can't decide on a score to give EMZ2 and I've been too busy to write reviews.


Pacman by EternallyAries Red X - 1/10

This is way too flat, it's ugly, it's impossible to tell where you are, and random monitors do not belong in match. The constant teleporter monitors going off was very annoying.

Oiler Outpost Zone by Katmint N/A

Mine. Hope you like suffocating in oil.

Generic Field Zone by csmgiw - 2/10

People keep dying on spawn here, not sure what's causing that as it's yet to happen to me. You might want to check over the player starts. :P

Anyway, the map itself seems to be mostly copypasted circles with different heights. The level is just too empty and bumpy, it's hard to get around due to the excessive bumpiness and the highest ledge with the rail ring is a bit too easy to defend.

Techno Rush Zone by KO.T.E - 5/10



Jungle Ruins by Kuba11 - 2/10

This level is way too complex for its own good. The excessive visuals cause a noticeable frame lag and the colormap needs to go because it makes it harder to tell which team someone is on. The layout is also somewhat cramped, which isn't helped by the scenery abuse. Oh, and the bases are extremely awkward. They are super cramped, and it's really hard to hit anyone in the bases with anything other than a bomb ring.

Rush Flower CTF by Spherallic & KO.T.E - 4/10

The square-ness of this map gives it a unique charm which I rather liked. The layout is slightly confusing at first but it's fairly easy to learn. I think the main problem causing the confusion is that it's really hard to tell which side of the map you are on without using the team-colored rings.

Unfortunately, there is a major flaw in this map: there are red team monitors in the blue team base, which means that the blue team almost always loses due to it being much harder for them to drive out campers. It really disrupts the team balance, which is a very bad thing in CTF.

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