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Well I was certainly surprised when I found my unfinished SP level in the contest. It was definitely a mistake and I probably should have advised earlier to remove it since it was terribly unfinished(still is too). Well I'll just have to sit here and watch how this older copy does, but from looks of things I guess I already know what the outcome will be.

EDIT: Just remembered that I am required to vote. Guess I'll be doing that later on.

Viridity Woodland Zone Act 1 by Me:
I really have nothing to say other than the level itself is unfinished.

Sapphire Coast Zone Act 2 by Blade:
Act 2? I think I forgot to play Act 1. Either the way, the map was awesome in terms of visuals. I really liked the vines and the custom flowers, although there were several times when I thought a yellow flower was a spring. Guess I need glasses. The custom enemies were pretty good too. I really loved how that enemy with the spring on its back could be used to access new paths. That bee was pretty bothersome at times and I'd find myself falling or getting hit by their lasers. In terms of level design I think the level was pretty great. I do think it could have been slightly bigger though. I kind of thought it was just a bit too small. Overall I enjoyed going through your level and in my eyes it was certainly above average.
Rating: 8/10

Eggmansion Zone Act 2 by KO.T.E:
What is this terrifying piece of art, and I mean that in a good way of course. Your map will forever haunt me..especially that one pony that I'd find in random spots in the mansion. Creepy indeed. I loved the design in your map. This would definitely be something that I'd see in a haunted mansion. The secret passages, the paintings(loved that Eggman one), and those flying ghosts...oh yea those ghosts. I found them to be quite annoying. I'd be walking around and then suddenly have one smack me right in the face. I do love the nostalgia I got from seeing them since they reminded me of the ghosts from Sandopolis Zone. The music was a tad bit too soft, but it did contribute to the feeling I got as I was playing the map. Everything in the map seemed to be executed correctly. Map size was just right in my eyes and the map itself played handsomely. Your map was a pure masterpiece and it really gave me a sense of fear, nostalgia, and just plain old fun. Just please do something about those annoying ghosts. Those things are pretty evil. Also, you should have waited to enter this map around Halloween, it would have had a greater effect in terms of fear. I know it would have on me.
Rating: 9/10

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