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Sapphire Coast Zone - 8/10
Custom enemies, varied gimmicks and looks great to boot. Knuckles has a hard time using the mushrooms without assistance, though. It's also somewhat unmemorable, the only image that really springs to mind after playing it twice is the lighthouse.

Egg Mansion Zone - 9/10
well that was certainly a thing
You nailed just about every aspect of the level. I have no real criticisms for this level, other than the music was a too quiet and I wish there was less emphasis on ponies. It's a little off putting to be going through this creepy mansion and then suddenly look a pony.

Pacman - 3/10
Chaotic gameplay mixed with terrible visuals and awkward design.

Oiler Outpost Zone - 1/10
Visuals are uninteresting as shit, oil is actually death water and cramped hallways plus terrible item placement.

Generic Field Zone - 2/10
Huge, open, and flat with terrible ring placement and awkward vertical movement make this map hard to play.

Techno Rush Zone - 5/10
While it plays decently well, it status as a rush job is clearly evident considering the bland visuals and uninteresting set pieces. Too bad this was only a rush job, I could see it doing well if it had more time spent on it.

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