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Thank you for criticism and I know Miles' tails are badly animated, because of low polycount Miles's tails are hard to animate. So I will try my best. And Knuckles will be redesign to be more like Sonic R/Sonic 3D Blast variant.
And I like to note I had problems with camera angles (I taken screenshots of game and made them as background in MM3D, But often camera was off).
Today I was in Dilemma. I saw sonic mania's screenshot of special stages.
Should I wait on Sonic Mania and try to make similar animations or just continue with these models.
(Simplistic version of this question: Should I accept sonic mania as saturn game.)
No problem man. You're doing well!

Sure, you can take inspiration from the Mania model if you want. IIRC, we haven't seen the front of it yet so it's hard to know if it'll be easy enough to integrate, but it's definitely Saturn-inspired, or else they wouldn't use such a model. I know someone else is working on Sonic R models for SRB2 anyway, so you looking into Mania will make each of you guys' models stand out from each other!
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