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Good work! Sonic looks pretty damn good now. I still think some of his animations are a liiiiiittle bit stiff and definitely asymmetrical in many areas, but he's in a good place at the moment. Tails and Knuckles definitely need a lot more work, but of course this is my personal feedback so don't feel like you need to account for every detail if you like any particular quality about your models. With that said:

Your improvement on Tails is excellent; his proportions are much more accurate and his model is overall wayyyy better looking! Nice job. I still think there are a couple of design flaws, though. His twin tails definitely still need some enlivening. The white area needs to be made bigger, and I hesitate to say this in case it backfires, but perhaps the tails need just a smidgen of thickening as well? They need to be a little more solid and visible, since I think Tails' biggest problem currently lies in his animations. The ones where his tails move, such as running and flying, particularly need attention since those are the ones where the tails are basically the only bits that are actually in motion. They happen to be the animations the majority of players will see the most playing as Tails, so those definitely need the most attention. For flying, I would angle the tails further (but not completely, of course) towards the horizontal, like a helicopter—since that's how it is in most games. At the moment they kind of unnaturally stick up in the air and twirl around. Make sure the tips point outwards rather than up, as well. I think the same would go for running, too. Speaking of which, his hands are placed very awkwardly during that running animation. Perhaps his arms are too long? Feel free to experiment a bit.

I know your Knuckles is heavily in beta so I won't go into too much detail, but one thing that really irks me is that his motions are definitely asymmetrical and a little jerky. I noticed that all of his frames seem to be slightly angled to the left ever so slightly, but maybe that's just me. Viewing his running animation from the front reveals that his head moves side to side in a very unnatural fashion. I also feel that his jump animation rotates around an off-center radius. He has twisted feet during his climb, but that animation is probably still being worked on, as is the very placeholder-looking balancing animation. It's a pretty good start though! He looks a little skinny as well, and I think that's because his limbs are skinnier than those of the other two.

Overall, good improvements! I'm glad you're continuing to work on these. In general, try to keep all animations smooth but lively, and making things symmetrical (if it is possible) will always give a huuuge quality boost to your work. :)
Thank you for criticism and I know Miles' tails are badly animated, because of low polycount Miles's tails are hard to animate. So I will try my best. And Knuckles will be redesign to be more like Sonic R/Sonic 3D Blast variant.
And I like to note I had problems with camera angles (I taken screenshots of game and made them as background in MM3D, But often camera was off).
Today I was in Dilemma. I saw sonic mania's screenshot of special stages.
Should I wait on Sonic Mania and try to make similar animations or just continue with these models.
(Simplistic version of this question: Should I accept sonic mania as saturn game.)
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