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Man, you should have seen my face when I saw this thread pop up in the new posts page. Sonic R is one of my favorite childhood games and I've always wanted to play with their models in SRB2. But I'll be honest, I'm kinda disappointed. I'm not saying you haven't done a good job—I know there are currently no rigs for the Saturn models, which meant you did all the piecework, like rigging a skeleton, texturing, and making animations all by yourself. I commend you for doing all of that on your own, especially since it looks like these are your first MD2s. But if you ever update these to include the super transformations and item icons, perhaps you could make them a liiiiittle more faithful to the source material? Here are some design nitpicks I had:

• The eyes are wayyyyy too small. Is there a way to make that texture cover more of the face area? Not only do they currently look way off compared to the source material, they just completely derpy in general. It makes their foreheads look huge, ahaha.

• I don't want to hammer on the animations too much since you DID do them all by yourself, which is impressive in its own right—but I found some of the dynamics choices to be a little jarring. For instance, the way the characters bob their heads when they run is completely unnatural. It's like they're jamming (no pun intended) to fire mixtapes as they speed through the zones. I'm no animation expert, but I think the up and down movement you're looking for actually stems from the entire body moving up and down instead of just the head doing a nod. Refer to this sheet for some handy animation guides. You can also study animations from MD2s by practiced modelers such as Jeck Jims' classic pack and VirtualBlitz's 06 pack. Those animations were also made by hand and they pretty much nail how movement should look.

• Looking at the modes themselves, certain proportions definitely need some work. Tails' shoes are way too big, and while his head is an oval, it should be a vertical oval rather than a horizontal one (though if you manage to fix the size of the eye textures, I don't think it'll be that big of a deal). The tips of his tails also look a little small—when he was running or flying, they looked like little white dots to me. Sonic's model looks pretty accurate to his look in Sonic R, but Tails needs some work all around if you're aiming for accuracy. Pull up a picture of Tails from Sonic R and see what you can do to get the proportions right!

Keep in mind, I'm just an avid Sonic R fan. You certainly don't have to go ahead with these changes if you like your models the way they are, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who really wants to see legitimately faithful Saturn Sonic models. Still, well done for actually doing them though. I'm glad someone put in the effort to at least make it a thing!
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