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Default Official Time Attack Records for 2.0.5+

Yeah, yeah, you get the idea. Record your demos in Time Attack, then post them in here. If you want to record a demo of a level that isn't in the Time Attack menu, start SRB2 using the following parameters:

-record demoname -warp ##

Hint hint! XSRB2 has an expanded time attack mode that lets you save replays for SRB1 Remake levels. Because this is the easiest way to access and time attack SRB1 Remake levels, and because none of the changes in XSRB2 have anything more than a visual impact on the SRB1 Remake, videos that use XSRB2 to time attack on the SRB1 Remake stages will be accepted.

If you have a record you'd like to submit, post a reply in this topic and then edit this wiki page:

There are only two true "rules" we abide by here:
  • You must not use any cheats or external programs to modify game variables. While such replays probably wouldn't play back correctly in the first place, it's probably best to say this outright just to stop people from trying.
  • Glitches are allowed. We're not going to even try policing this. Just know that if you use a glitch, and we fix it, your record is obviously going to be invalidated upon the update's release.

And that is all. Now, go ahead and show us how crazy good at this game you really are.

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