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Flooded Mine Zone: 7/10
Hmm. nice layout, but your blimp badnik crashed the game. I give you a 7.

Green Hill Act 2: Can't rate/10
Reason: it's mine!

Metal Mechanism: 3/10
Uh, why did I find a spot with Red Volcaino Syndrom? This level stunk of robot exust and smoking guns. In other words: tone down the robots!

Poison Prison Zone: 8/10
WOW. This level amazed me. I like what I played and I really liked how you gave credit to the person who made the music for your level. The acid Suprise was lacking, but I won't dock you for it.

Triopolis Tower: Can't rate/10
Reason: You sent in Triopolis Town instead. This level was already released prior to the contest twice on the fourms, and as such is a rule braking level. I'd advise releasing the correct level in this thread ASAP.
The threads where it can be found:

Undersea Palace: 9/10
WOW! This level felt like a 1.1 level to me. I really liked the water slides.
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