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Single player.

Poison Prison Zone by SonicMaster - 7/10
Yeah, you're definitely getting better at level making. There was some pretty neat stuff, like the (fake) sideways opening door =P But for some reason, even though I had fun and I kept coming back to the level to play it, I always felt that a path was forced upon me, there is a main path and an obscure alternate patch which I couldn't really see due to the fact that some of the textures you chose blended together, combined with some crampedness in small parts of the level. Ah well, not a bad entry at all. =)

Triopolis Town by Brandon Dyer - 2/10
Epic fail. You've definitely got the visual aspect down right, but impossibly hard to navigate level design and huge lifeless areas with nothing else to do but run and bop enemies, just no. You also forgot the naming convention.

Metal Mechanism Zone, Act 1 by Hyperknux - 6/10
Definite signs of improvement over previous levels. However, the beginning in particular is confusing because you've got all these different paths intersecting each other in one central area, and I had to scout around a bit to find my way outside. The level also suffers fom cramped areas here and there.

Flooded Mine Zone by Boinciel - 9/10
Awesome. Custom content all over the place; great level design; very pleasing to the eye and very pleasing to play. I demand you to make more =)

Green Hill Game Gear, Act 2 by Glaber = 6/10
You also forgot the naming convention. =P My main concern is that things are pretty cramped. I mean REALLY cramped. It was also rather short, and didn't have multiple paths. However, some positive things: It looked pretty authentic, the cutscene was something I wouldn't have expected (even if I did those audio files for you.) So yeah, there ya have it.

Undersea Palace Zone, Act 1 by GCFreak - DSZ/10
Well, I literally stayed up the entire night last night finishing this thing off, because I slacked off =P That's gotta mean something, I guess. I'll be more prepared for next time.
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