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Single player:
Poison Prison Zone by SonicMaster - 5/10
Trying to use muliple paths is a good idea, but each area is too cramped. I also wanted to see more factory like gimmicks, or something to scenic.

Triopolis Tower by Brandon Dyer - 0/10
This is the same wad from Gemplanet. Even if it wasn't in a released wad, I wouldn't give this a good rating anyway. Pretty much everyone that posted after me stated the problems.

Metal Mechanism Zone, Act 1 by Hyperknux - 6/10
Ah, this looks much more like a factory. The level design is pretty good, the first area with the spring had a shortcut to the grass part of the level. I am not sure if that was intentional or not, but it skips a good part of the level.

Flooded Mine Zone by Boinciel - 7/10
This level is good. I liked the level of detail that was in it. I didn't get any sig segs or anything like that the first time going through. Using the switch to make the pumps was pretty good. There wasn't enough enemies though.

Green Hill Game Gear, Act 2 by Glaber - 2/10
Ow my ears. The rendition of the song was to high pitched. Anyway on to the actual level. The level is linear, and cramped. It didn't have any green hill type of feel to it.

Undersea Palace Zone, Act 1 by GCFreak - 6/10
I thought that some of the platforming aspects of the level were a bit annoying, there were too many places where I had to keep trying on the same jump. I think there could have been more springs. I still liked the stage enough to give it a 6, and I like the ending.

MAPA1 - Carnage Palace Zone by Zanyhead - 1/10
This one has cramped hallways and homing. Not very fun

MAPA2 - Metal Spire Zone by SonicMaster - 2/10
This felt bland, it just didn't feel like anything inspired it. The problem is the various heights and small rooms. It just didn't make it flow too well.

MAPA3 - Voiced Concern Zone by Glaber - 3/10
The layout was pretty good, the problem is that you can get all the emeralds and turn super. That definitely took some points down for me.
EDIT: Well, okay you made this to complain about the emerald idea for 1.1, but as I said in a post later, it is different to 1.09.4 scheme mainly because only one person can turn super in 1.1 and its very rare to get it. Not to say it still might not be a great idea, it just works a lot different.

Capture the Flag:

MAPA4 - Frantic Factory Zone by Roy - 4/10
Kinda a good idea with the lazers to prevent thokfests a bit. It doesn't have much scenery.

MAPA5 - Barren Ambition Zone by Glaber - 6/10
This one wasn't too bad. I might have to try this at a later time to get the fell of it.

MAPA6 - Mine Maze Zone by Blade T. Hedgehog - 5/10
lol loops. Okay now that I got that out of the way. The scenery fit the level, though there are jumps that break the flow of the level. The loop breaks flow as well.
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