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Updated the PS3 build to r6752. Not much this time, just cleaned up the text rendering code and any fixes to SRB2 that have happened these past few weeks. Please test if the text rendering still works on the PS3.

YES! I love it! Any kind of progress is always awesome! :D :D :D Gonna test it now. BRB with the results, will update op with screen shots as well. :)

Update: It's a no go man, :(

I know it's a horrible picture, couldn't seem to get the brightness right, but basically What's happening is all the text is scrolling down bunched up together. When I first installed the updated srb2, I didn't remove my old version, but it did seem to load all the files fine. *I could kinda make out something that said, hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it* But then it just froze and the game still didn't start. I couldn't really make out anything else either because the words were overlapping each other. So then what I did, I uninstalled my old version and then reinstalled the new version, upload the srb2 files to the srb2ps3 folder and attempted to load the game. This time, no files were loaded and all the words were still overlapping each other. Then it just kicked me back out to the XMB. The reason the files didn't load I think is because perhaps I didn't place them in the correct section in the srb2ps3 folder. *I put them in the root folder of srb2ps3*, if that's incorrect let me know. Also I'm running rebug 3.55-1 just in case that makes a difference, although I kinda doubt it since rebug 3.55-1 has the same features of the older firmware I was running which was kmeaw 3.55.

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