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Hey I'm still working on that guys lol

Showcasing enemy AI; each enemy has a thinker that chooses skills depending on the situation they're put in, to either react to your actions, or follow simple patterns for more challenging and interresting battles!
...or sometimes they don't have a thinker and just attack at random.

For instance, in the fight showcased in the gif, the tank enemy starts by lowering everyone's defense and will then cast attacks dealing damage to the entire party, while the two other enemies will heal and buff it. Thus, once that's figured out, you know that it's better to take care of the two other enemies to avoid putting yourself in a situation where your defense is down, and their attack is up, and then finish off the tank as fast as possible.
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If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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