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Oh my goodness that was great! I knew you could make a good level if you tried!

I don't see a lot of the beginner shortcomings I see from most first time maps here, either. You have great texture variety, nothing feels flat and lifeless or has dead ends, as Ice said the map feels HUGE! The enemy placement is fine despite the fact that you've found a way to cram a lot of enemy types into the level, I never felt any of them were unfair. I didn't get lost in any of the rooms despite how big they were and the rooms were well decorated.

I do have a few minor nitpicks that I noticed while playing though, I would've liked to have seen a little better texture alignment in areas like here
and here

And I discovered what may just be a visual glitch here.
(before you ask, yes I'm running the latest version of SRB2)
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