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About an adventure mode... If the hope is for something of the same scale as the Subspace Emissary of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I hope that there won't be such a thing in the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. title, more or less for the reason that any time spent working on concepts for such a big adventure will likely be time not spent working on concepts for other things (like the standard fighting modes, where most of the players' time of the game will hopefully be spent).
Typically work begins on a new Super Smash Bros. title relatively shortly before the release of the console itself, if they've been following this trend but keeping to an actually reasonable work schedule (I.E. not working Sakurai to death), it would be feesible that in the year and 3 months they've had to work on it, they could get the core fighting game done fairly quickly and neatly, there's not really much more to refine gameplay-wise so there would be a lot more time to be put towards stages, characters, and possibly a story mode which I'm REALLY hoping for. Smash for me is fun but it gets repetitive if all you have to do is play the main fighting game (even with the event mode and stadium modes). I'd like to see something like a mix between adventure mode in Melee (recognizable locations, possibly a story based around that) and Subspace Emmisary in Brawl (multiplayer, probably not as big, definitely bigger than adventure in Melee)
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