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Originally Posted by Potatosack View Post
It doesn't mean idol as in "literal object of worship," idol refers to someone you look up to. You know, a role model?
I don't think there was necessarily anything being misread, I think some people actually take that bible passage to include that kind of "idol" too.

Not to mention they're kind of similar in concept anyway, it's no wonder the term is used for both worshipped objects and people you look up to, right?


To add to what I said in my last post, while I'm here, maybe I'll elaborate why I don't tend to "idolise" people...

I don't like placing too high expectations of people. If you raise someone up too high and they then do something that is in your view stupid or even bad, then (unless you deny, ignore, forget or are unaware of these things) you may feel extreme dissappointment and perhaps shame of yourself for holding such unrealistic standards in the first place. I certainly don't want to risk feeling like that at least; but then, maybe that's because I'm a cautious person.

That, and, from the other end, if I were treated as an "idol" by other people... would I feel like a real person? Or instead some kind of amazing space alien that nobody actually knows personally? Often this seems to imply one is on some kind of literal pedestal above everyone else in any case, while not really interacting with those "nobodies" down below. That sounds kind of sad, I would much rather get off that pedestal and talk to people on a normal level if I could, I don't get enough of that as it is. =P
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