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I repeatedly rephrase nearly everything I say to people IRL and I'm not entirely sure why, though I suspect it's because I might subconsciously feel the need to make my point as clear as possible.
Not quite the same, but I can spend up to ten minutes thinking of how to phrase a single sentence when I'm writing anything online. This probably has to do with my ADD-related hyper focus and obsessiveness; for some reason typing is just one of those things I can hyper focus on.

Also every once in a while, I'll skim through my old posts on message boards and social media for like an hour. It's a kind of self-reflection, I guess.

I've almost always unwillingly had my dreams end with something unbelievably horrifying or painful ever since the start of 2013
From what I have read, frequent nightmares are a common experience for people living on the spectrum.

but that's not the strangest part... The strangest part is that the most realistic of the best parts of my dreams almost always appears to end up coming true in some form within the next two to three months! I have no idea how this is even possible, but it is very unsettling.
Well that could just be confirmation bias ;)

Dreams usually reflect in strange ways on our own daily thoughts and desires. Chances are, whatever happened in real life might have happened anyway without you dreaming it; but, being human, we tend to draw special meaning and significance to coincidences of this nature.

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