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Thanks a lot for offering help for the wad.
Ring boxes: I didn't notice this at first, I thought the two ring boxes in the demos were the same, I will fix this.
Item boxes: This is a problem I have with SRB2. The item boxes reuse some sprites for when the item pops up after destroying the box, I will see if I can fix that in the future.
Special stage end card: Will be fixed.
Star post: I know, it was meant for it to make this wad "special" of some sort, but if you think its a serious problem, will be fixed.
GFZ3 boss: I honestly used it cause I felt like it stuck better as a boss. Of course, you could absolutely compare Demos and 2.1 and say that the new levels stick way better than the old ones. So yeah, I will fix it.
Cutscene: I know they kinda go backwards, but I did it cause I wanted to make the old Demos have some similarity to SRB1 and its roots with cutscenes. Of course, they're bad.
THZ2 emerald token: This was just some reference to Speed Highway and it feels like it doesn't fit, I will give you that. I couldn't think of anywhere else to fit the token, and an outside section that connects to a highway was an idea I liked. Why stuff two tokens in one level if they don't fit? How else are you getting to CEZ? Though, yeah, it was kinda unnecesary.
DETONS (goes for everytime you mention detons): Yeahhh, I see why you hate them. I dislike them too. The placement is fricking weird and just downright annoying at some places. I dislike their placement too, they're being fixed.
However, when you talk about original placement...I didn't put the detons in the original places cause they moved and attacked differently. It wouldn't fit with the new SRB2 detons. Are you saying that I could bring back the old Detons?...maybe, in the future.
BUT. Every Deton was tested, and they can all be dodged. Does it require stopping and taunting them? Yes, and I hate having done that.
Skims: Never added them to the wad. Maybe when I get around making all these custom enemies, I will do it.
Spikes: I placed them in DSZ cause they fit with me and the whole "ruins theme".
Sh**ty level design: Honestly, I didn't take my time looking at the level design, and that's something I fully take responsability and not use the typical "old srb2 would have been shitty like the wad". While its not bad in some places, it can get you badly in many places.
Hidden Palace sky: I...didn't notice that! WOW, what an idiot I am. Fixing. (EDIT: The sky is sky1 in Demo, no, that sky is correct.)
Drillakrilla: Again, no custom enemies were made for this wad. All custom enemies problems will be fixed in a not so soon update.
Mine Maze crusher and going backwards problem: Yes, I know. Level design and horrid thing placement are going to be fixed soon in...update 4.2? Yeah, that'll happen soon.
Corner grass flats in RMZ: Yes, as the idiot I was before I said "Corner grass flats? Psshh, they aren't necessary!" Looking back, I need to fix that in 4.2.
"Sky bleeding into the ground": BELIEVE ME, I tried to fix it. But I would need to get rid of that platform and get a new one or just let it like that. Its the slime graphical error, maybe I can get around it and change a bit the original level.
Invisible walls: Look, they're there to block cutting corners. They may restrict the player in a bad way, and maybe I did make a mistake there.
Crumbling floors: Its a rocky mountain! Its not going to be stable! I used crumbling platforms to MAYBE IN SOME WAY improve the level, but we all know how that turned out, right?
Spike placement: I know, that was bad, again, fixing in 4.2.
Dark City: Sorry, I turned the brightness up, I'll fix it.
Rock pyramid: That isn't a rock pyramid, Glaber, that's the hole that connects Dark City Zone and Red Volcano Zone.
Reverse gravity: Yeah, honestly I wanted to play with it a bit. If it feels that disconnected with the level, well I'll just put low gravity there and flip the enemies back.
Missing textures: I tested every map a million times, if you would give me screenshots to see what I missed I'd be glad.
Invencibility: Yeah...that was on the original levels.
Button: Sorry for that, I thought the dead end and crushing platforms in the previous room would be enough of an indication. (Not being sarcastic there, I genuinely believed that.)
DCZ boss: Yeah, of course! Robotnik messed with the gravity to get you in some trouble, so you have to use the enviroment against him...maybe I should have put the "Block enemies" flag at the center and block robotnik in that place so you use it to attack him.
Stone textures: I know, bad textures, fixing it.
Reverse gravity: I never had any problem with it, mainly cause it gives the *vague* illusion of gravity flipping in the control room as you walk.
Level extension: How was that level extension cruel? It maybe was too tight for even RobotniRock, but hey the whole level was cruel.
Wall: Yeah, maybe I didn't lay it out for everyone, but I assumed it was easy to guess. I guess I'll fix that too.
Problems with missing and swapped stuff: Yeah, those changes were never intentional. Fixing that.
FOFs in act 2: I'm pretty sure that FOFs are there. If you would show me if you are talking about some specific ones, well I'll fix those.
Currents: Fixing that.
Hanging chains: Yeah, I had many problems with decoration while making the wad and maybe deleted some stuff. Sorry, fixing that.
Red XVI: I had no idea of that secret.

Thanks a lot of the criticism, means a lot from the guy that made SRB2TP. I do have to admit that this wad...well, it was rushed. And if I'm honest, at first it was never meant to be public. I just finished update 2 and I said to myself "Hey, I'm gonna expand it for people". At the start, it was supposed my way of creating this new single player campaign? Were errors made? Of course, and I'll fix them. But I started doing this wad 1 month into summer (In Argentina, here we have summer december to february.) and I had just finished a failed romhack. I felt loss. But then, I started making this wad, in an attempt to show the community how much I appreciate the Demo cycle. Maybe more than anyone. Hell, I even love it. Back when I met the original Robotnirock in august 2016...something hit me hard. I felt like I needed to at least put a simple little closure on those maps, let them finally be finished the way they were...meant to? They may be different, but they're still the same to me.
Either way, cut all that emotional bs, Update 4.2 will fix all these errors you pointed out. Custom enemies could be done in either hypothetical 4.3 or just update 5. Either way, update 5 has like a year or two until release, cause school is going to really slow me down. Either way, I'm fixing all these errors and update 4.2...well, I don't know when it will release.

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